For many sales and marketing organizations, Salesforce acts as a central source of truth and the operating system of your revenue teams. However, the quality of data captured in your CRM is reliant on sales and service reps manually submitting contacts and activities. Because employees are focused on selling, and not on data capture,  it’s often difficult for sales and marketing leaders to understand what is happening inside target accounts. And further, companies don’t know which contacts are the driving forces behind key decisions.

With Sigstr’s Salesforce Integration, that all changes. The integration allows you to bring together historical data from Salesforce and real-time relationship data from Sigstr to gain a holistic view of the contacts and accounts that your business depends on. Within Salesforce, leverage relationship intelligence to remove the guesswork around opportunities, see which coworkers provide the best path to every contact and account, and ensure all of the customers and prospects your teammates are emailing are captured in your CRM.

Account & Contact Intelligence

Gain authentic relationship insights on every record

Bring the power of relationship intelligence right inside your Salesforce environment.  Gain a real-time view into how strong your company’s current relationship is with any account and understand who you truly know at each company. See which coworkers are best connected and plan territories accordingly.

Account Scores in Salesforce

Understand account dynamics

You may have thousands of companies in your Salesforce environment, but how strong is your connection with each account? How are those relationships progressing? Sigstr’s Salesforce Integration allows you to score your relationships with every company in your Salesforce environment based on real, human interactions. By analyzing the email and calendar patterns of all your employees, Sigstr identifies and quantifies the entire universe of relationships that reside in your CRM, all without any added effort from end users. 

Use these scores to select the best fit accounts for your ABM efforts, gain alignment with sales around key opportunities, track how ABM efforts are performing, and monitor how sales is activating key relationships. 

Contact Scores in Salesforce

Know who you know

Do you know which contacts matter most?  Are you able to understand how those relationships are developing at a glance or in the aggregate? Based on employee communications patterns, Sigstr Relationships quantifies and scores every known relationship in your Salesforce environment automatically, no logging of activities required. With these newfound insights, you no longer have to guess who the best person is to receive a direct mail package or email communication. You can finally give your sales team the tools they need to see where an introduction can open the door to a new opportunity. 

Salesforce Data in Sigstr

Bring relationship insights and CRM data together

Bring Salesforce’s account and contact data into your Sigstr Relationships environment. By bringing together historical data from Salesforce and real-time relationship data from Sigstr, you gain a holistic view of the contacts and accounts that your business depends on. 

Opportunity Data in Sigstr

Gain visibility into your pipeline

Due to lack of visibility, many Sales Leaders struggle with forecasting and opportunity management. Luckily, relationship strength is a key indicator of deal progression. You can now view Salesforce’s opportunity data directly within your Sigstr Relationships environment so that you can keep tabs on your pipeline. Leverage Sigstr Relationships as your central source of truth so that you can make sure your goals are met quarter after quarter.

Account & Contact Creation

Capture key contacts and accounts

Do all of your most important customers and prospects reside in Salesforce? Use Sigstr Relationships to ensure that every account and contact in communication with your sales and service teams is captured in your CRM. Surface new accounts and contacts through employee email and create them in Salesforce with the click of a button. Keep up-to-date without any added effort and never lose a connection as the result of employee turnover. 

Field Creation

Once you have the integration enabled, Sigstr will automatically create a custom number field on the Contact Object and on the Account Object called Relationships Scores.

With the integration enabled, Sigstr Relationships will sync relationship scores to any known contact and/or account. Only contacts who have accepted a calendar invite or a 2-way email interaction will receive a score. The account score will factor in all of the relationships between your employees and the employees of an account. Sigstr will increase or decay scores based on the recency & frequency of email communications and calendar meetings. 

SFDC Views and Reports

Step 1

Include the Relationship Score field in your All Contacts. This ensures that if you click on View all contacts in an account, one column will list relationship scores. Set this view as your default sort so that you can monitor which contacts are most engaged with your business.

Step 2

Include relationship score as a column on key account and contact reports.

Step 3

Make sure your team understand the value of relationship scores!

API Calls

Sigstr automatically batches contacts, leads, and accounts into groups of 200. This means that if you have 10,000 contacts in Salesforce, there will be 50 API calls on a weekly basis.

Inversely, Sigstr pulls data from Salesforce on a daily basis, which relies on 12 API calls.

Please note that you have to be a Sigstr Relationships customer to leverage this integration. If you're ready to get started, follow these instructions

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