Enhance your account and contact data in Salesforce with the power of Sigstr Relationships. Within Salesforce, leverage relationship intelligence to remove the guesswork around opportunities, see which coworkers provide the best path to every contact and account, and ensure all of the customers and prospects your teammates are emailing are captured in real-time.

Account & Contact Intelligence

Gain authentic relationship insights on every record

Bring the power of relationship intelligence right inside your Salesforce environment.  Gain a real-time view into how strong your company’s current relationship is with any account and understand who you truly know at each company. See which coworkers are best connected and plan territories accordingly.

Account Scores

Understand account dynamics

You may have thousands of companies in your Salesforce environment, but how strong is your connection with each account? How are those relationships progressing? Sigstr’s Salesforce Relationships Integrations allows you to score your relationships with every company in your Salesforce environment. By analyzing the email and calendar patterns of all your employees, Sigstr identifies and quantifies the entire universe of relationships that reside in your CRM.

Use these scores to select the best fit accounts for your ABM efforts, gain alignment with sales around key opportunities, track how ABM efforts are performing, and monitor how sales is activating key relationships.

Contact Scores

Know who you know

Do you know which contacts matter most?  Are you able to understand how those relationships are developing at a glance or in the aggregate? Based on employee communications patterns, Sigstr Relationships quantifies every known relationship in your Salesforce environment. No more guessing who is the best person to receive a direct mail package or email communication. Give your sales team the tools they need to see where an introduction can open the door to a new opportunity. 

Contact Creation

Capture key contacts and accounts

Do all of your most important customers and prospects reside in Salesforce? Ensure that every contact your sales and account teams are emailing are captured in your CRM. Keep up-to-date without any added effort and never lose a connection as the result of employee turnover. 

Please note that you have to be a Sigstr Relationships customer to leverage this integration. If you're ready to get started, follow these instructions

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