Sigstr’s integration with HubSpot gives marketers the opportunity to enhance their digital efforts with the power of relationship intelligence and email signature marketing. Align your inbound and outbound marketing strategies to drive more downloads, registrations, demos and conversions.

The HubSpot integration offers a number of features that ensure Sigstr activities are aligned to your overarching marketing strategy. These features give customers the ability to:

  • Align Sigstr campaigns to specific HubSpot active and static contact lists
  • Sync Sigstr campaigns to HubSpot landing pages
  • Gain a view into how strong your company's relationships are with key contacts
  • Track how HubSpot contacts interact with email signature campaigns

Integration Enablement

The instructions below detail how to enable the HubSpot integration.

Step 1

Navigate to your Account Settings.

Step 2

Click on Integrations.

Step 3

Under CRM options, click the Connect button under HubSpot.

Step 4

Log in to your HubSpot account and click Grant Access.

Step 5

Back on the integrations page, check the box next to Automatically create contacts. This will ensure that contacts are automatically created in HubSpot whenever an email recipient clicks on a signature campaign.

The integration is enabled! Now it’s time to import HubSpot contact lists, connect Sigstr campaigns to HubSpot landing pages, and track Sigstr engagement.

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