Sigstr offers productized integrations to many CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and other systems that allow for the sending or automation of email messages.

Signatures and Campaign Banners will have varying levels of functionality in other, 3rd-party systems, depending on the features & functionality of those systems themselves.

Determining Signature & Campaign Banner Support
For systems which Sigstr does not offer a productized integration, signature and campaign banners may still be usable if that system supports the use of HTML for their templates and/or signatures.

Determining Targeted Campaign Support
Campaigns that are targeted to the recipient of an email (ABM, Internal, etc) may also be possible if the 3rd party system provides a merge-tag or placeholder which represents the email address of the email recipient.

If the 3rd party system does not provide this capability, only Sender-Based Campaigns will be sent, and no recipient-level or unique view/click analytics will be recorded.

Determining Dynamic Campaign Support
Sigstr Campaigns operate by referencing externally hosted images, which allows them to dynamically change over time, as you update them in Sigstr. If a 3rd party system supports or doesn't otherwise disrupt this, Campaign Banners should function as intended. 

If installing Sigstr to a 3rd party system causes images to become embedded in that system, Campaign Banners will not be able to be dynamically changed from within Sigstr, and view analytics will not be recorded. In this case, if you wish to have a Campaign Banner image updated, it will need to be reinstalled, following the steps below (#4).

Testing for Support

To see if your desired 3rd party system is compatible with Sigstr content, follow the steps below:

  1. Check the Knowledge Base, Help Site, Resource Center, Support, etc provided by the 3rd party provider. Search for things like "HTML Template", "Email Signature", "Recipient Merge Tag", and "Placeholder" to see if there is existing documentation on the topics described above.

  2. If HTML support is available, try to copy/paste your signature from Sigstr's Install Page, using the "Gmail" version of the signature. This provides a pre-rendered version of the signature, to be pasted directly into WYSIWYG editors & template builders.

  3. If visually rendered HTML is not supported, or the outcome from above is insufficient, re-try the installation by instead using the "Thunderbird" installer. This provides direct source-code for your Sigstr content, and can be pasted into a 3rd party system if there is a "Source Code Edit" function available. This is typically shown with a button displaying a "< >" icon.

  4. To see if a system supports dynamically changing the campaign banner via Sigstr, first install the campaign to the 3rd party system as described above. Next, assign your user to a different sender-based campaign in Sigstr. Finally, send another test message from your 3rd party system to see if the campaign shows the new or prior campaign image. If it does not update, this system will require you to re-install the signature/campaign when it changes in Sigstr.

Copying the Gmail Signature

Copying the Thunderbird Signature

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