As your accounts progress through the sales pipeline, the type of messaging that you want to deliver to those accounts may change. Sigstr has the ability to create dynamic ABM lists based on your Opportunity pipeline! Set up different Targeted campaigns based on the stage(s) of your Salesforce Opportunity lists. It is a powerful tool to deliver pertinent content at key stages in the sales process.

With Sigstr's Salesforce integration, we will automatically create dynamic lists based on your Opportunity pipeline!

Note: Salesforce must be connected to Sigstr in order to use this functionality.  It may take up to 24 hours for Opportunity lists to populate in Sigstr after the connection is made.


To leverage this feature, your Salesforce instance must be connected to Sigstr.  To find out how to do this, please visit this help article.

Once Salesforce has been connected, Sigstr will automatically create a contact list for each Opportunity stage in your Salesforce pipeline.  Sigstr will pull all Salesforce contacts that are associated to the accounts in your Opportunity pipeline.   

Step 1 - Create a Targeted Campaign

From the Campaigns page, click 'Create Campaign' in the top right corner.  From there, select 'Targeted' from the various campaign types.

Step 2 - Select Opportunity lists for targeting

Once the Targeted campaign type is selected, you will then assign the Opportunity list(s) to the campaign you are creating.  This can be a single list or multiple lists, depending on the target audience.

To easily find your Salesforce Opportunity lists, we recommend typing in 'Salesforce' or 'Salesforce Opportunities' into the search bar.

Step 3 - Finish creating your campaign

The rest of the campaign creation process is the same.  Upload the banner image(s), assign the clickthrough URL and activate your campaign!

The Opportunity contact lists will refresh every 24 hours to get the latest members of that Opportunity stage.

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