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Sigstr ONE provides a unique way for customers to activate employee email as an owned digital marketing channel. By appending signature content to employee email after the send, Sigstr ONE ensures platform independent adoption across a multitude of email applications including Exchange, Google Apps, O365, Salesforce, Outlook, and mobile email clients.

What Information is Captured

As an email provider, Sigstr captures key elements of the email data, including message headers, timestamps, and subject lines. Key email data points like headers and time-stamps allow Sigstr to effectively brand emails with the correct signatures and marketing content. Encoded elements of emails, such as attachments, are not accessible to the Sigstr team, but will be passed along and will be in the emails after Sigstr has processed them. Email meta-data is not stored or mapped with this solution, but is storable and capable of being mapped with Relationships for O365.

What Modifications Are Made to Emails
When receiving the email, Sigstr will input both signature and campaign content into the email based off of message headers for the correct sender & receiver. While a tracking pixel is put in the email to record a view or a click for the campaign, no cookies are inserted at any point. Sigstr is not able to identify who opens your message after you forward the email. 

What Modifications are made to Mail Flow
Mail can be configured from your Exchange, O365, or Gmail tenant as part of an outbound rule. Sigstr will return the email back to your owned email tenant to ensure that Sigstr operates solely as a relay along the email's path. All Sigstr ONE customers will own the final delivery of their email. For more information on deliverability, please see our Deliverability Overview.

Hosting of Sigstr ONE
Sigstr ONE servers can be setup on hardware that your team owns, or hosted virtually in a customer-owned tool such as Azure. If this option is not chosen, customers will be hosted in our virtual environments.

For further FAQ's, we recommend reading the Sigstr ONE FAQ that outlines common questions admins and email administrators might have.

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