How it Works

Think of Default campaigns as the first campaign that you create with Sigstr.  This is a campaign that will run until you create a new one and is applied to your entire company.  Default campaigns are a safety net if you accidentally forget to assign an Employee Group to a campaign, or a scheduled campaign ends and you don't have another campaign lined up.

These campaigns can only be assigned one banner ad and cannot be scheduled.  They are meant to be long-running campaigns with messaging that will not go stale quickly.  Default campaigns are applied to your entire organization and there is no Group assignments to this type of campaign.


Step 1 - Select the Default campaign type

Creating a Default campaign is very easy.  Simply click on the "Create Campaign" button from the Campaigns page in the top right corner.

Step 2 - Upload banner and set the clickthrough URL

Upload your desired banner ad and assign the clickthrough URL you wish for the banner to direct people to (be sure to put https:// in the URL).

Step 3 - Review and activate!

Review everything to ensure the banner and clickthrough URL are correct.  Once you feel comfortable that all information is correct, click "Activate This Campaign" at the bottom of the page, and you are all set!

Note: There can only be ONE Default campaign running at a given time.  You can replace a Default campaign by creating a new one, or by deactivating the current Default campaign.  We recommend that all customers have one Default campaign running at all times.

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