If you would like to solely utilize Sigstr campaigns, Outlook Agent can still be applied. Outlook Agent has two methods of controlling signatures: Overwrite and Append. Your admin controls which mode is used for each employee by assigning users to specific signatures in the application.

Append Mode: How it Works

Once Sigstr is installed, Append Mode will add a campaign banner to a user’s default signature in Outlook. The name of the old default signature will change to “<name>-original” and a new signature template will be created. The new signature template that is created will be a copy of the “<name>-original” signature with a campaign banner added to the bottom. This signature template will automatically be assigned as the default for “New Messages.” 

How to Edit Your Signature

When making changes to your signature, be sure to update the information in the “<name>-original” signature template. If changes are made to the other template, the signature will revert back to the information that is in the “<name>-original” template. Once you have made changes, make sure to restart Outlook in order for those changes to populate in both signature templates.

Changing the Naming Convention of the Signature Template

We don't recommend changing the name of Outlook signature templates, but if you wish to update the template names, please follow these steps:

  1. Create a new signature template with the desired name and content

  2. Delete any other signature template within Outlook

  3. Set the new template as the default for new messages

  4. Close and reopen Outlook

  5. You should now have two signatures templates as explained in the section above


Please note that before installing Sigstr's Outlook Agent, you must have a signature defined as default for new messages OR one and only one signature in Outlook. If there is no default defined or no signatures, Sigstr will not add a banner.

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