Pardot API Access is required to use this integration, which is only available in the Plus and Advanced editions of Pardot.

In order to leverage the SigstrEngagements  custom object, it may require a higher tier Pardot account (Pardot Advanced Edition)

1. How do you connect Sigstr to my Pardot instance?

We have a step-by-step guide on how to connect to Pardot you can find by clicking here.

2. Can Sigstr create new Prospects in Pardot?

Yes!  This is a configurable setting on the Integrations page of your Sigstr account.  In the Pardot heck the box next to "Automatically create contacts" and click, "Save changes".  When an email recipient clicks on a Sigstr banner ad and there is no corresponding Prospect in Pardot, a new one will be created.

3. How do I find the Prospects that Sigstr created?

For each Prospect that is created by Sigstr, we populate "Sigstr" on the "Source" field in Pardot.  You can use automation rules to bucket those Prospects into a list and see all of the new Prospects Sigstr has helped create.

4. Will Sigstr keep my synced dynamic Prospect Lists updated?

Yes!  For the Prospect Lists that have been synced with Sigstr, they will be updated every 24 hours to reflect any changes made to those lists.  Synced lists can also be manually updated from Sigstr's interface from the Lists page.

5. Can we leverage Sigstr clicks/engagements for workflows in the Engagement Studio?

Yes, this advanced functionality is possible for customers leveraging both of Sigstr's Salesforce and Pardot integrations.  Once both integrations have been set up, you add SigstrEngagements  as a custom object under the Admin menu.

Once the Custom Object has been added, it can now be leveraged in workflows and automation rules!

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