Sigstr’s integration with Marketo gives marketers the opportunity to enhance their digital efforts with the power of inbox advertising and relationship intelligence. In a matter of minutes, seamlessly connect Sigstr to Marketo smart and static lists, landing pages and reporting through a set of easy to use, point-and-click user interfaces. 

Enable the integration by following the below instructions. 

Smart & Static Lists

To enhance your targeting capabilities, the Marketo Integration allows you to import Marketo smart and static lists straight to Sigstr to align to campaigns now and in the future. Target top accounts, industries, personas, and regions with personalized inbox advertisements. 

Engagement Tracking

Understand which Marketo contacts are engaging with your Sigstr ads and how often. Recipient analytics are tracked in the native application automatically, but with the help of the Marketo Integration, you can push that data directly into your Marketo environment. 

Landing Pages

Connect your Sigstr ads directly to Marketo landing pages. With the URLs automatically tagged with the appropriate parameters, you will be able to measure how many views, form submissions, contacts, and customers won are sourced from Sigstr.

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