Sigstr’s integration with Salesforce ensures the free flow of data and marketing insights between two key components of your marketing tech stack. Start targeting Salesforce contacts with personalized inbox advertisements while at the same time tracking Sigstr’s impact on your company’s bottom line. Leverage Sigstr’s relationship intelligence to remove the guesswork around opportunities, see which coworkers provide the best path to every contact and account, and ensure all of the customers and prospects your teammates are emailing are captured in your CRM.

With the exception of Salesforce Opportunity Data, all of the below features require the full Salesforce Integration. Request access by contacting and then enable the integration by following the below instructions. 

Salesforce Opportunity Data

See how Sigstr is impacting key opportunities

Gain insight into how your Sigstr ads are impacting key opportunities in your pipeline. Instantly see which open and closed opportunities have been influenced and generated by Sigstr. Calculating ROI has never been easier!

Salesforce Opportunity Data is available to all Sigstr customers and does not require installing the managed package. 

Contact Import

Align Sigstr ads to specific Salesforce campaign contacts

To enhance your targeting capabilities, the Salesforce Integration allows you to import Salesforce campaign contacts straight to Sigstr to align to campaigns now and in the future. Target top accounts, industries, personas, and regions with personalized inbox advertisements. 

Engagement Tracking

Track Sigstr engagements in Salesforce

Understand which Salesforce contacts are engaging with your Sigstr ads and how often. Recipient analytics are tracked in the native application automatically, but with the help of the Salesforce integration, you can push that data directly into your Salesforce environment. 

Account & Contact Intelligence

Gain authentic relationship insights on every record

You may have thousands of companies in your Salesforce environment, but how strong is your connection with each account and contact? How are those relationships progressing? Sigstr’s Salesforce Integration allows you to score your relationships with every company and individual in your Salesforce environment based on real, human interactions. By analyzing the email and calendar patterns of all your employees, Sigstr identifies and quantifies the entire universe of relationships that reside in your CRM, all without any added effort from end users. 

  • Select the best fit accounts for your ABM efforts

  • Gain alignment with sales around key opportunities

  • Monitor how sales is activating key relationships

  • Know which contacts inside accounts to target

Salesforce Data in Sigstr

Bring relationship insights and CRM data together

Bring Salesforce’s account, contact, and opportunity data into your Sigstr Relationships environment. By bringing together historical data from Salesforce and real-time relationship data from Sigstr, you gain a holistic view of the contacts and accounts that your business depends on. Within Sigstr, understand where opportunities are in your sales process, and see how relationship trends can predict upcoming wins. 

Contact Creation

Capture key contacts and accounts

Do all of your most important customers and prospects reside in Salesforce? Use Sigstr Relationships to ensure that every contact your sales and account teams are emailing are captured in your CRM. Surface new contacts through email and create them in Salesforce with the click of a button. Keep up-to-date without any added effort and never lose a connection as the result of employee turnover. 

Salesforce Data Exchange

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