Sigstr’s Zendesk Installer provides a new channel for content promotion by giving you the ability to append a Sigstr campaign to your Zendesk email communications. 

Please note that since Zendesk uses markdown, you can only install Sigstr campaigns to Zendesk, not user signatures. Follow the instructions below to leverage the installer. 

Step 1

Navigate to Sigstr's Install page and select Platform

Step 2

Select Zendesk.

Step 3 

Follow the install instructions. 

You'll note that Zendesk does not support high-res campaign functionality. Once you install, Sigstr will automatically downgrade the resolution of the campaign to match Zendesk's standards. Zendesk will support GIF campaigns, just make sure to follow our best practices

Please note that with the current restrictions of Zendesk, the platform will not support Sigstr's ABM functionality. 

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