Demandbase allows Account-Based Marketers to build sophisticated audiences and target them with hyper-relevant display ads. With the help of Sigstr's Demandbase Integration, those audiences are available in Sigstr as well.

With your Demandbase audiences living in Sigstr, you can target your top accounts and contacts through every email your employees send. As Demandbases’s selection criteria updates the members of various audiences, those changes will automatically be reflected in Sigstr’s campaign targeting, creating a brand new channel for ABM initiatives. Joint customers can deliver a 100% consistent cross-channel experience to their most important audiences.


Before following the steps below, please make sure you have the ability to generate and view API keys in Demandbase. If you need help getting access, reach out to your Sigstr Success Manager or

Follow the steps below to enable the Demandbase Integration.

Step 1

Log into Demandbase and navigate to your Settings in the top right corner.

Step 2

Select Access Tokens in the left navigation to generate a new API key. PLEASE NOTE that Demandbase does not allow users to view keys after they have been generated so make sure you store the code somewhere it can later be accessed. 

Step 3

Back in Sigstr, navigate to your Account Settings.

Step 2

Click on Integrations.

Step 3

Under CRM options, click on the dropdown by Demandbase and enter in your newly generated API key.

Step 4

Navigate to Sigstr Lists

Step 5

Select Demandbase and choose the audience list(s) you would like to import. 

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