Backed by a powerful integration with Azure Active Directory, you streamline the management of employee data within your Sigstr environment. Automatically create and delete users in real-time and ensure employee information is kept up-to-date with no added effort.

Setting up the Integration 

The integration can be set up in under five minutes. Simply follow the steps outlined below and you'll be up and running in no time!

Step 1

Log into the Azure Active Directory portal. 

Step 2

Search for Enterprise Applications

Step 3

Select + New Application

Step 4

Select Non-Gallery application. 

Step 5

Create a name for your new app. We recommend using Sigstr User Provisioning.

Step 6

Once the app is created, choose Provisioning.

Step 7

Switch the provisioning mode to Automatic

Step 8

Navigate back in Sigstr and copy the API key and tenant URL from your Account Settings.

Step 9

Back in Active Directory, paste your API key and tenant URL into the appropriate location. 

Step 10

Select Test Connection.

Step 11

Navigate to the Users and Groups section to select the users and groups you wish to sync to Sigstr.

Once enabled, if a change is made within Azure, the update will automatically get pulled into Sigstr within 30 minutes. 

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