Q: Why can’t I see my email signature when I send mail?

A: Your signature will populate at the bottom of your email after it has been sent to the end recipient. If you would like to see what your signature looks like before sending mail to a wider audience, a test email can be sent to brandingtest@sigstr.com.

Q: My email signature keeps showing up at the bottom of my emails. How do I prevent this from happening?

A: Sigstr ONE will append the signature and the campaign to every email, regardless of how you send it. If the signature is appending incorrectly, insert @MYSIGNATURE@ in your email client signature settings. 

Q: I have information I don't want displayed in my signature. How do I change that?

A: Edit your profile via the Employee Preference Center. Log in at app.sigstr.com. 


Q: Some of my users received mail delivery failure notifications. What happened?

Resolution 1: Ensure that the sending domain is expected to receive from Sigstr ONE. If that is not the case, follow the steps below. 

  1. Notify the Sigstr team by emailing your Implementation Manager or support@terminus.com 

  2. Remove anyone using that domain from Sigstr ONE routing in the interim so that business is not interrupted.

  3. Wait until confirmation from Sigstr Support that the domain has been enabled. From there, run a test from that domain and if successful, resume passing traffic through Sigstr ONE.

Resolution 2: If the user is routed through Sigstr ONE accordingly in O365, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Download the message trace in O365 and the message original and send it to support@terminus.com, CC’ing your Implementation Manager.

Q: How do I give end users the ability to edit their own email signature data?

A: Invite end users to the Employee Preference Center. Make sure to lock any fields that you do not want to give end users access to edit. 

Q: Will my images get blocked?

A: The Sigstr team takes precautions to make sure that our campaigns (hosted images) are not flagged as 3rd party content by implementing CNAME records among other elements. If your images become blocked, please ensure the following safeguards are in place:

  1. Ensure that anyone using your domain or using Sigstr ONE is marked as a safe sender.

  2. Ensure that your users (should they see hidden images) allow images to auto-show.

Q: I have a user with a @MYSIGNATURE@, but his/her signature is not showing up?

A: Make sure the the user has a profile in Sigstr and that he or she has been added to Sigstr ONE. 

  1. If the user has NOT been added to Sigstr ONE, route the user through Sigstr ONE and await confirmation of a successful route & brand.

  2. If the user has HAS been added, inspect the message to verify if it has passed through Sigstr ONE.

  3. If the user is routing through Sigstr ONE correctly and not receiving a signature, please verify that there are no formatting errors in the @MYSIGNATURE@ placeholder. 

  4. If the user has a clean placeholder and is successfully routing, but not receiving a signature, please send the original of the email to support@terminus.com and copy your Implementation Manager.

Q: Will Sigstr ONE delay the delivery of our emails?

A: Sigstr ONE should delay final mail delivery by no more than a few seconds. Should delays of mail delivery occur once production is stood up, it is likely due to an external factor. Please notify the Sigstr team for immediate remedy. Please DO NOT turn off Sigstr ONE as that will prevent the root cause from being identified.

If you should at any time run into any issues not addressed in this article, Sigstr employs 24/7 customer support via support@terminus.com.

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