Yesware puts powerful sales tools inside your inbox, with email tracking, phone dialer, and sales automation. To ensure Yesware and Sigstr work in sync, follow the steps outlined below. 

G Suite Integration

The best way to use both Sigstr and Yesware together is to use Sigstr's G Suite Integration. If you have Sigstr installed to Gmail and are using Yesware, Sigstr's ABM campaigns, internal campaigns and recipient analytics will all work as expected and you will still have normal Yesware tracking!

Yesware Templates

If desired, the Sigstr signature can be pasted into a Yesware template. To do so, use the Thunderbird coding found on Sigstr's install page. Please note that once pasted into a Yesware template, the signature formatting will be slightly altered. 

ABM and internal campaigns will work as expected when the signature is pasted into a Yesware template. 

Please Note

  • If the message you're composing was ever saved as a draft, Yesware will force the Sigstr campaign to be sender-based and you will lose ABM functionality. 

  • Advanced targeting (internal & ABM) will only work with new messages, not with replies or forwards.

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