Overall Views

A view is recorded anytime a campaign image is viewable to an email recipient. A single recipient might open an email several times or forward a message, and many emails have multiple recipients. Views are not recorded when a recipient has images disabled.

Unique Views

A unique view is recorded one time for every individual who views an email signature campaign. Unique views are not recorded when a recipient has images disabled. 

Overall Clicks

The total number of clicks across all verified users by email recipients.

Unique Clicks

The aggregate number of how many times an email signature campaign was clicked by individual users. Duplicate clicks by a single user do not affect the total. 

Overall Click-Through-Rate

A simple equation of Total Clicks divided by Total Views.

Unique Click-Through-Rate

Your Unique Clicks divided by your Unique Views.

Active User

A user is marked as active (green dot) when he/she has Sigstr installed and a campaign has been served in an outbound email. You can easily determine if this has taken place by reviewing the Last Display field within the Employees section of your account.

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