If you're team is unable to leverage Sigstr ONE due to its use of hosted images, consider our embedding solution. As the name implies, this solution embeds campaign images into employee emails instead of hosting them on the Sigstr server. While this method results in some lost functionality, it's an excellent option for companies with strict privacy policies or those experiencing image blocking.

A few considerations...


  • Because campaigns are embedded and do not load from the Sigstr server, we cannot track campaign views.

  • Due to the lack of view tracking, click-through-rates cannot be tracked accurately. Therefore, we hide Sigstr Views and Click Rate from the Sigstr interface. These data categories may still show up in exported reports.

User Activity

  • End users will likely not be listed accurately as Active or Inactive in the Sigstr App because that status is currently dependent on campaign views.

  • Because mail is flowing through Sigstr ONE, we do still continue to display the Last Sigstr ONE Send timestamp for end users (on the Employees page). However, this datapoint is not currently factored into our traditional definition of "Active/Inactive"

Campaign Flexibility

  • Emails that are sent with an embedded image will forever have the same campaign banner image & url. If you create a new campaign in Sigstr, it will only apply to emails that employees send in the future.

  • Please note that if a campaign is created, activated, and then deleted from Sigstr, an email with that campaign in it will still show the banner image. Clicking the banner will result in a failure to redirect to the landing page.

  • If the url of a campaign is edited after sending an email, clicks on that campaign will redirect to the url currently aligned to the campaign in Sigstr.

  • When campaigns or group assignments are updated in the Sigstr system, it can take up to 60 minutes for those changes to be reflected in new emails that are sent with embedded campaigns.

If you are interested in leveraging the Sigstr ONE embedding solution, please contact support@terminus.com. 

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