People build relationships, and relationships drive business. But in the world of sales, it can be difficult to make real, authentic connections. Luckily, Sigstr Relationships helps to bridge the gap.

Sigstr Relationships delivers artificial intelligence to help you view and understand your relationships across any account, contact or territory. By surfacing this type of information, you can do things like...

  • Make travel more productive

  • Request warm introductions to key accounts or contacts

  • Understand relationships inside target accounts

  • Get notified when relationships inside target accounts are slipping away

Productive Travel

With the help of Sigstr's Location Intelligence, never say the words, “table for one,” when you’re on the road again. Explore your company’s network of relationships and get warm introductions to your strongest connections in any region. Find out where your most important contacts actually are to help with outreach, field events, and territory planning.  

See the step-by-step instructions for using Location Intelligence here.

Warm Introductions

Explore the relationships you have with customers and prospects and request warm introductions to the people you need to meet from your co-workers who know them best.

See the step-by-step instructions for using Relationship Intelligence here.

Target Accounts

Use Sigstr's Account Intelligence to view your relationships inside target accounts. Once opportunities have been recognized, maintain sales momentum by monitoring how those relationships improve or degrade over time. 

See the step-by-step instructions for using Account Intelligence here.

Sigstr Connect

The power of Sigstr Relationships inside your Google Chrome Browser

To simplify searches, there’s Sigstr Connect. Powered by Sigstr Relationships, Sigstr Connect gives you the power of relationship intelligence right inside your Google Chrome browser. When you have Sigstr Connect installed, you can understand and take action on your company’s relationships anywhere you navigate, whether that be a prospect’s website or inside your Gmail. No more guessing at who might be connected to a top prospect or customer. Clearly understand who in your organization can provide the best path to connection. 

Install the chrome extension here.

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