Gone are the days of “spray-and-pray” and “inbound optimization”. Today’s most savvy marketers are focusing on their highest value accounts and aligning their efforts to win there. Sigstr Relationships provides a single place to view all of your target accounts, understand how your efforts are influencing account penetration and development, and take action to drive those accounts through the funnel. 

With Sigstr Relationships, you can do things like…

  • Select the best fit accounts for your ABM efforts

  • Understand account to account relationship scores

  • Close the loop with sales

  • Gain full funnel ABM analytics (coming soon)

Account Selection

Within the application, see which accounts and contacts you have the strongest relationships with and who you need to further engage. Build lists of your best ABM targets and drop them into platforms like HubSpot, Terminus, or of course, Sigstr Signatures. 

See the step-by-step instructions for list creation here.

Relationship Scores

Use Sigstr's Account Intelligence to understand which account relationships are improving and which ones aren’t moving or are degrading. Use those lists to optimize your account-based spend.

See the step-by-step instructions for using Account Intelligence here.

Closing the Loop

With a view into email and calendar activity, use list enhancement to see when and if your sales team has followed up with specific ABM targets, how those relationships are growing, and how strong your company’s collective connection is with key accounts. Watch how your ABM efforts are trending and make strategy adjustments when necessary.

See the step-by-step instructions for list enhancement here.

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