Content Use Cases

Whitepapers and Ebooks

Depending on the audience, whitepapers and ebooks are a great way to keep your customers engaged by offering industry insights and valuable knowledge. Promote informative collateral to show that your team cares about education and innovation.

Events & Conferences

Broadcasting upcoming events is a great way to keep email recipients aware of which conferences, trade shows, job fairs, and other events your company is hosting in the near future. We have seen email signature campaigns drive more visitors to the registration page than any other marketing tactic!

Case Studies

If you’re talking to potential customers, what’s better than sharing stories of customer success? Case studies show existing customers and prospects how people are successfully using your products and services.

Product Releases

New product releases need all the publicity they can get – especially with existing customers who use your product on a regular basis. Why not leverage individual email conversations to spread the word? The ability to subtly broadcast an upcoming product release will prompt individuals to click and learn more.

Promotional Video & Teaser

Video and podcast teasers are engaging, informative, and most importantly, fun! Everyone loves to consume content in innovative ways. If you get tired of promotional videos, you can also use videos to get the word out on initiatives your company supports.

Targeted Use Cases

Target by Region

Does your marketing team sponsor or attend regional events? Serve targeted campaign banners to prospects and customers who live and work where the event will be hosted.

Target by Customer Status

Create upsell opportunities within your customer base by promoting product or service lines that they are not yet using. To make sure customers are extracting value from your partnership, promote training webinars, educational content, and product tutorials. It's always a great idea to share content that speaks to your buyers’ needs.

Target by Persona

Would you communicate the value of your product or service to a CMO in the same way you would to a CFO? If the answer is no (and we're assuming it is) tailor your Sigstr campaigns to reflect what each individual recipient values most. 

Target by Industry

Depending on the industry in which an email recipient works, he or she is driven by different needs and objectives. Target email recipients aligned to specific industries with content tailored to each audience.

Target by Past Engagement

Serve new content to those who have taken action on one of your marketing initiatives. With the help of Sigstr's marketing automation integrations, you can easily create a workflow to target contacts who have previously requested a demo, clicked on a Sigstr campaign, filled out a form, and more. 

Target by Opportunity Stage

Differentiate banner content based on where your prospects are in your sales cycle. Align your lead nurturing strategy to your Sigstr campaign strategy and start moving prospects towards the finish line. 

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