Benefits or Enrollment

Give your employees the heads up on the open enrollment period and keep dates top-of-mind with every email exchange. When employees are more informed, they are more likely to take action. 

Community Involvement

Does your company participate in volunteer hours or corporate challenges? Give your employees an easy way to get involved! Employees who feel like they belong and are making a difference will be more motivated in and outside of the office. 

Content Education

New material is published, but nobody is checking it out! Try injecting it into your internal email signatures and give employees a quick and easy way to dig deeper. An employee who is in the know with company news or updates becomes a better advocate for the organization as a whole. 

Employee Recognition

Create employee advocates through recognition programs. Get employees involved in the voting and give a shout-out to standout performers each month. It's important to recognize when team members are making progress. 

Charity or Philanthropy

Your employees are insanely generous, each working to make the world a better place. Offer up an easy way to get involved through donation or charity work. Make it fun, and let them know your organization cares about helping others.

Internal App Adoption 

Get them using the apps and products you know will help them (and help you!) by putting the info straight into your email without having to resend the same message over and over (and over). More productive employees = happier employees. 

Internal Event

Have an event coming up? Want to drive registrations from your employees? Give them the details on what's happening and make it easy to sign up. The more participation, the better. 

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