Keep it Short and Simple

When constructing your email signature, it’s best to keep the text short and easy to read. Less invasive signatures tend to be more trusted. If you feel the need to make additional contact information available, link to a personalized landing page you control.

Include Relevant Information

Build your signature with information that your recipients actually care about. Let’s face it, there is rarely a reason to take up valuable email real estate with a company address. Include a link to your website in the signature, and make sure the address is easy to find on your website. Thinking about adding your email address? Don’t bother. Your recipient just has to hit reply!

Use Images Wisely

Well-designed imagery in email signatures can really boost your brand, however, don’t overdo it! Use images for what’s most important. Otherwise, your signature will become cluttered and at risk for deliverability issues. If you want to promote your brand, consider building your logo into all Sigstr campaigns to reduce the number of images.

Social connection is a great way to build your brand, however, it’s best to only link to two or three social profiles in your email signature. Otherwise, you’ll draw attention away from your most important piece of content, your Sigstr campaign! If you must include more than three, we recommend creating a single image for icons that links to a landing page with various ways to connect with your brand.

Make Scheduling Easier

Including a way for recipients to get in touch with you and schedule time on your calendar is a simple way to connect outside of email. A link below contact information in a signature inviting recipients to “Schedule a Call” or “Schedule a Meeting” alleviates the confusion of scheduling. Use a tool like Hubspot Meetings - free to set up and simple to use - to automate the process.

Leverage Sigstr Campaigns

It’s important to have a uniform email signature utilized across your entire organization, but the email signature presents a marketing opportunity greater than brand consistency. Sigstr Campaigns give you the ability to pair an on-brand signature with a clickable call-to-action banner that puts your most important content in any and every corporate email, regardless of the subject. Utilizing Sigstr, you can highlight your latest ebook, webinar, product launch, event or case study during thousands of 1:1 email interactions.

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