Recipient analytics are tracked in the native application automatically, but with the help of the Marketo integration, you can push recipient analytics directly into your Marketo environment. If one of your Marketo contacts clicks on a Sigstr campaign banner, that activity is tracked in the same way as any other engagement. 

To optimize your Sigstr ABM efforts, consider aligning those who have already clicked on a Sigstr campaign to a new Sigstr ABM campaign. To do so, you will first need to enable the Marketo Integration and then create a Marketo smart list based on prior Sigstr engagement. 

Step 1

Under the admin tab, navigate to Marketo Custom Activities

Step 2

Select New Custom Activity.

Step 3

Use the Display Name Sigstr Click, which will automatically populate the API Name with sigstrClick_c. The API Name must be sigstrClick_c to pull in the correct data. 

Step 4

Add a description. We recommend Clicked on a Sigstr Campaign. Click Next

Step 5

Add a Filter and Trigger name. We recommend Clicked on a Sigstr Campaign for both. Click Next

Step 6

For the Name field, use Sigstr Click which will auto-populate the API Name. Click Submit.

Step 7

At the top, select Custom Activity Actions and then Approve Activity

Step 8

From the home screen, navigate to Lead Database

Step 9

Scroll down and select New Smart List.

Step 10

Select Group Smart List in the sub-navigation and add the desired list name and description.

Step 11

On the right-hand side, scroll to the Custom folder and drag over the filter named Click on a Sigstr Campaign

Step 12

Add the Sigstr campaign name and time duration you’d like to create a list based on. 

Step 13

Align the smart list to a new Sigstr ABM campaign. 

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