Recipient analytics are tracked in the native application automatically, but with the help of the Salesforce integration, you can push recipient analytics directly into your Salesforce environment. If one of your Salesforce contacts clicks on a Sigstr campaign banner, that activity is tracked in the same way as any other engagement.

Once you have enabled Sigstr’s Salesforce Integration, follow the instructions below to track which Salesforce contacts have engaged with a particular Sigstr campaign. 

Step 1

To have a view into Sigstr engagement, you will first need to create a custom object tab for SigstrEngagements. 

Step 2

Once the custom object tab has been created, navigate to its location. SigstrEngagements are custom objects that are created every time a Salesforce contact clicks on a Sigstr campaign. 

Step 3

Click on each SigstrEngagement for a more detailed view. For each Sigstr campaign click, Salesforce records the recipient, the email sender, and the timestamp.

Step 4

Run a Salesforce report to gain an aggregate view of Sigstr engagement. SigstrEngagements are found under the Activities section.

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