To enhance your targeting capabilities, the Salesforce integration allows marketers to import campaign contacts straight to Sigstr to align to campaigns now and in the future. Depending on how you’ve arranged campaigns in Salesforce, this opens up endless opportunities. Most notably the ability to align Sigstr campaigns to specific stages of your sales cycle.

Once you import a contact segment to Sigstr, use Sigstr Relationships to gain an understanding of how strong your company’s collective connection is with every campaigns contact as well as who on your team has the best relationship with each individual. See how relationships are trending and make strategy adjustments when necessary. 

The instructions below detail how to import and leverage Salesforce campaign contacts, but you must first enable the Salesforce Integration

Step 1

Navigate to Sigstr’s Lists section and select Import. 

Step 2

Select Salesforce as the list type.

Step 3

Select the Salesforce campaigns you would like to import and click Sync.

Step 4

Align the newly imported contacts to Sigstr ABM campaign(s). In the event of Salesforce data updates, changes will be synced to Sigstr in a matter of minutes. 

Step 5

Use Sigstr Relationships to track how your company’s collective connection is with every contact on the list. Simply click into the list to review your relationship scores. 

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