Employees with Macs will be required to go through a one-time installation process to enable Sigstr.

Step 1

When your company is ready to launch Sigstr, they will send you a welcome email with the option to get started.

Step 2

After clicking on the Get Started button, you will be taken to a new landing page where you will be required to change your password. Make sure to use at least 12 characters.

Step 3

Navigate to Outlook 2011 page from the install option list. Follow the directions by selecting the signature image and copying it using the function Command C.* When copying, make sure to click on the white space to the right of your name (ie: don’t click on a link or a specific image). This will ensure you highlight the entire block without giving a selected state to any of the elements.

We recommend copying your signature content from Chrome instead of Safari.

Step 4

After you have copied the signature, open Outlook.

Step 5

Once in Outlook, open Preferences from the menu bar.

Step 6

Within Preferences, choose Signatures.

Step 7

Next, create a new signature and name it Sigstr. Save it as the default.

Step 8

The final step is to paste the Sigstr content that you copied into the signature field on the right by pressing Command + V. Please use the keyboard shortcut, instead of right-clicking, to paste the coding correctly. 

Step 9

When pasting in the signature, you will see a clipboard icon pop-up momentarily. Click on it and select Keep Source Formatting.

Step 10

If you want to install your email signature to other email clients or mobile email applications, sign back into Sigstr and select the appropriate tab.

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