Unless your company is executing Sigstr’s Outlook Agent automatically via a Windows batch script, you will be required to go through a one-time installation.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements – Windows 7, MS Office 2007, 1GB RAM, Internet connectivity

Optimal System Requirements – Windows 8, MS Office 2013, 4 GB RAM, Internet connectivity

Employee systems may require installation of the following:

Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (or newer)

Step 1

When your company is ready to launch Sigstr, you will receive a welcome email with the option to get started. Click on the Get Started Button.

Step 2

Change your password.

Step 3

Navigate to Outlook Windows from the install option list. Select the Install Campaign button. That will trigger an .EXE file to be downloaded.

Step 4

When the download is complete, close Outlook to initiate the installation.

Step 5

Click Next to continue.

Step 6

Confirm the installation folder (recommended setting is pre-populated) and click Next to continue.

Step 7

Click Next to continue installation.

Step 8

Wait until the installation has completed and then click Next to continue.

Step 9

Click Close to finish the installation.

Step 10

If you want to install your email signature to other email clients or mobile email applications, sign back into Sigstr and select the appropriate tab.

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