The Mac Outlook Agent keeps employee email signatures in sync with the latest content created in Sigstr. It can be installed in the background by your IT organization, or individually by employees, with only minimal interaction required by end-users. The Mac Outlook Agent provides improved control over email signatures by:

  • Creating a new signature in Outlook for Mac 2016 Desktop clients.

  • Syncing changes from Sigstr to the signature on a regular basis.

  • Enabling marketers to centrally manage Sigstr campaign images in-real time.

How it Works

The Mac Outlook Agent involves a one-time setup process. Users will need to manually set the new signature to be the default signature as desired, one-time. After it’s been installed, the Mac Outlook Agent will run on start-up and update employee email signatures every 15 minutes. 


When the Mac Outlook Agent is installed, the following changes will take place on an end-user’s Mac machine:

Automated Updates

  • Every 15 minutes, the Mac Outlook Agent will update each signature in Outlook for Mac, using the latest content from Sigstr.

  • If employees edit or delete the signature in-between updates, the next update will override those changes to ensure your Sigstr content is always in place.

  • Changes to the campaign image in Sigstr will be reflected in Outlook for Mac in real time.

Campaign Only Option

There is currently no support in the Mac Outlook Agent for campaign-only installations. The current version will manage a full, independent signature, and will not append a Sigstr campaign to a pre-existing signature.

Change Management

Sigstr continuously works to improve our Outlook solutions and may make new releases to add new functionality, resolve bugs, and improve the end-user experience. Updates are tested against a standard suite of varying operating systems and MS Office versions, to ensure compatibility.

When a new version of the Mac Outlook Agent is available:

  • Sigstr digitally signs the latest version prior to distribution.

  • Sigstr provides the new version for download at app.sigstr.com and to our Customer Success team for new implementations.

  • Previous versions are retained by Sigstr, for retrospect.

  • New functionality is communicated to customers. If the new version is desired, it is provided to customer IT for deployment at their availability.

  • No previously installed Mac Outlook Agents are automatically updated.

Data Security

Sigstr is committed to ensuring levels of security and privacy that meet policy standards. Content handled by the Mac Outlook Agent is done so over an encrypted SSL connection. See Sigstr’s Information Security Policies for more information on data security.

System Requirements

Minimum System Requirements

  • Mac OSx 10.9 (Mavericks), or higher

  • 512 MB RAM

  • MS Outlook for Mac 2016

  • A Non-LDAP based Outlook account


  • Internet access is required for Agent functionality

  • Any machine running the Agent must be allowed to access https://sigstr.net/ as an approved site


The Mac Outlook Agent can be distributed to employees in many different ways. Your IT organization’s tools and technology, and your level of allowable employee interaction will determine which method is best for you.

The Mac Outlook Agent can be delivered to you as a package installer for central deployment, or as a DMG which can be installed by employees individually. It is important to note that the Mac Outlook Agent can be installed for employees, even if they are not users in Sigstr. Sigstr only performs updates for employees who also exist as users in your Sigstr account.

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