Sigstr avatars are a great way to personalize your company’s signature template. To use Sigstr avatars, please send your Customer Success Manager a zip file of employee avatars using the following parameters:

  • File Type: PNG files are recommended.

  • Size: We suggest an image size of 80X80 pixels. Due to the small size, it is recommended to use photos that are closely cropped to the face.

  • Resolution: Please send images at 72 dpi

  • Name: Label each avatar with the end-user’s email address

  • Transfer: Please send your Customer Success Manager all avatars in a single zip file. 

Once the avatars are uploaded, place the {{avatar}} field in the appropriate location in your signature template. Many customers use Sigstr’s Table functionality to ensure contact information falls to the right of the avatar.

If you would like to use avatars, please send your request to

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