Internal Campaign and ABM functionality are available to Outlook users who have implemented Outlook Agent 1.0.3 or higher, to Gmail users who have installed Sigstr’s Chrome Extension, and to all customers using Sigstr ONE. For a user group to display an internal campaign, the group must also be assigned to an external campaign, even if it is not displayed.

For Outlook customers who have a mix of Windows, Mac, and OWA users, only those who have Windows Outlook Agent installed will be able to leverage targeting, unless utilizing Sigstr ONE. All remaining users will display the default sender-based campaign in all email sends.

For Gmail customers, installing the Chrome Extension can be done individually by end users or centrally by a G Suite admin. To install the extension centrally, a G Suite admin must install the extension to each end user’s Chrome profile through a forced install. When leveraging a forced install, end-users cannot disable the extension. The only caveat with central deployment is that G Suite administrators only have the ability to install to the Chrome profiles associated with the company domain. If end-users have multiple Chrome profiles, they must be signed in to the company associated profile for the extension to be enabled. Read further installation instructions here.

If you are interested in activating ABM in your account, please contact

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