Every email sent from your company should have an on-brand and consistent signature that leaves a lasting brand impression. Update the format of all employee email signatures and control them from a central location.

Company and Employee Fields

Sigstr’s Signature Builder allows your marketing team to create a uniform signature template using both company and employee fields. Company fields are data points that are universally applicable to all employees while employee fields change depending on the individual.

Style and Branding Options

Utilizing the options within Sigstr’s Signature Builder, you can ensure that the fonts, colors, logos, and social icons associated with employee signatures adhere to brand guidelines. Features like labels and tables give you further flexibility to fine-tune the signature.

Multiple Signatures

While all employee signatures should be consistently branded, you may have the need to create a unique signature template for a particular group or division that is not needed for the entire organization. Sigstr’s multiple signature functionality gives you the ability to utilize different signature templates for various subsets of employees.

Source Code

Do your designers want more control over the signature template? No problem. Any Sigstr admin in your account can edit a signature's source code by selecting the icon to the very left of the font options in the Signature Builder.

Hi-Res Signature Images

Sigstr offers hi-res signature fields to compliment your hi-res campaigns. When you upload a social media icon, your company logo, or another image to a signature field, make sure to select Hi-res Image. The application will automatically constrain the image to ensure high density of pixels. Those using hi-res functionality will need to upload their images at twice the intended size.

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