Sigstr's chrome extension has three main functions. The extension... 

  • Gives your company the ability to target individual accounts and contacts with personalized campaign content through Sigstr ABM.
  • Provides insight into who is engaging with your email campaigns and how often.
  • Offers alternative campaign options for employees looking for more control of the content they share.

Install Sigstr's chrome extension here

Employee Banner Selection

By default, your marketing team does their best to ensure your email signature campaigns are relevant to each person you're communicating with. To further personalization, some companies provide multiple campaign options that their employees can choose from. To view your campaign options, follow the steps below. 

Step 1

Open an email draft or start a reply to an email in your inbox. 

Step 2

Click on the Chrome extension and select which campaign you'd like to include in your email. Be sure to type in the name of your email recipient before doing so. If your team is using ABM, you will have different campaign options.

Please note that your Sigstr campaign will reset to the default after your email has been sent. 

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