For most marketers, Account-Based Marketing means targeting your top prospects and customers as markets of one. While that is certainly a great strategy to use with Sigstr's ABM capabilities, there are many other ways to leverage the functionality. 

Geographic Area

Does your marketing team sponsor or attend regional events? Serve targeted campaign banners to prospects and customers who live and work where the event will be hosted.

Customer Status

Create upsell opportunities within your customer base by promoting product or service lines that they are not yet using. To make sure customers are extracting value from your partnership, promote training webinars, educational content, and product tutorials. It's always a great idea to share content that speaks to your buyers’ needs.

Sales Pipeline

Differentiate banner content based on where your prospects are in your sales cycle. Align your lead nurturing strategy to your Sigstr campaign strategy and start moving prospects towards the finish line. 


Would you communicate the value of your product or service to a CMO in the same way you would to a CFO? If the answer is no (and we're assuming it is) tailor your Sigstr campaigns to reflect what each individual recipient values most. 


Depending on the industry in which an email recipient works, he or she is driven by different needs and objectives. Target email recipients aligned to specific industries with content tailored to each audience.

Past Engagement

Serve new content to those who have already clicked on a Sigstr campaign banner, effectively creating a drip campaign. With the help of Sigstr's HubSpot or Marketo Integration, you can easily target contacts who have previously engaged via smart lists. 

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